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St. Benedict Exorcism Cross...


St. Benedict is widely known as the patron saint of urgent miracles and for protection from all evil, curse, and vice.

The holy symbol in this medal was designed & commissioned by St. Benedict of Nursia himself and solemnly approved by the Church.

It is know as the "most powerful weapon against evil" and Catholics are encouraged to carry the medal on their bodies for protection and graces.

The medal contains 3 powerful blessings:

1. A prayer for God's blessings (through the intercession of St Benedict)
2. A prayer to commemorate Christ's suffering
3. A prayer of exorcism against all evil


The meaning of St. Benedict's Medal


The Medal is Effective In:

✅ Obtaining urgent miracles for financial needs, health and deliverance
✅ ​Cleanse your body of fear, anxiety and negative energies
✅ ​Release any grip of evil of vice on you and your loved ones
✅ ​Asking for inner peace/spiritual healing
✅ ​Curing bodily afflictions especially as protection against contagious diseases
✅ ​Destroying the effects of witchcraft and all other diabolical and haunting influences
✅ ​Healing those who are suffering from wounds and illness
✅ ​Obtaining the conversion of sinners, especially when they are in danger of death

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